What is Unboxing Video Reviews?

To begin with, Unboxing Video Reviews are exactly what they sound like. People opening product packaging boxes and narrating their actions. Unboxing Video Reviews are very popular not just among adults but also for kids. These are racking up millions of views and tens of millions of subscribers. Some unboxing videos, such as ones about toys and gadgets are usually nice for kids. While adults are looking for different review videos, example is that women usually looks for make up kits. While men are looking for hobby gears like for fishing, shooting and other sports.

Who is behind Unboxing Video Reviews?

All kinds of people do these vlogs. Including kids, teenagers and adults, do Amazon Product Unboxing Video Reviews. They host these videos on Youtube and grow their subscribers. Most often for kids, they fall into an accidental fame. Especially, when their parents upload videos of them that are loved by many and goes trending. Some YouTube channels that focus on unboxing don’t even have a camera man. They just film it theirselves using a regular camera phone. Youtubers who specialize in Unboxing Video Reviews are usually regular people, with no relationship to the companies whose products they feature.

What is Unboxing Video Reviews

Please be aware that the product matter of some unboxing videos are not age-appropriate. If your kid likes wants these videos, be aware on what they watch. We showcase each products in a favorable light and can have the same effect as advertising. You could learn a little bit more about each Amazon product as we go along.

What are the Product Types for Unboxing Video Reviews?

To make it easier for you, we provide the links going to the product page. For you to easily buy and checkout on the product. This is also a good way to check the current price of the product. At times, we couid give coupon discounts if available. All questions pertaining to the product should be directed to the seller. Unboxing Video Reviews builds trust to buyers by highlighting the cool features of each Amazon product. So, we understand if you want to purchase the product right away after seing the videos.

What to do if you want to purchase the product on the video?

Since there are a lot of products on Amazon products, we decided to feature all categories in our website. Types like, appliances, books, car accessories, clothing, sports gear, make up kits, kitchen utensils, outdoor equipment, toys, gadgets and so much more. You can always reach us via email to let us know your suggestions. We will consider to review all of them for our next Unboxing Video Reviews.

What do i need if I want to start my own channel?

Here are the top 5 things that you will need to start your own Unboxing Video Reviews channel on Youtube.

1. Wide space

A spacious room is ideal where your videos will be filmed. Crowded space can look messy especially if you have stuffs around you. A wide space also gives you a room to walk if the product you are reviewing is bigger than a size of a table. So, find a good spot. You can use your front yard or backyard if there are no rooms available.

2. Good lighting

No one wants to watch a dimmed videos. So, proper lighting is essential to keep your Unboxing Video Reviews on high definition. These type of videos are preferred compared to unclear ones. A good example is that you could shoot your video during noon time where the brightness from the sun can be a good source.

3. Camera or Mobile Phone

If you do not have a video camera, you can use a 12 mega pixel camera phone. This is to ensure that the pixel quality of the Amazon product Unboxing Video Reviews you are making, is easily seen by your audience. If you have the iPhone 11 Pro Max then, that is already as good as a regular video camera.

4. Desktop or Laptop

Ofcourse, you need a laptop or desktop to store, edit and upload your videos from. Using a mobile phone can be hard especially if your monitor is not big enough to see the great details on your Unboxing Video Reviews. Plus, you lose the other features which can be done using a computer. Most programs for editing videos on mobile are premium and needs to be paid. This is not ideal if you are just a beginner.

5. Program Software

Finally, a good program software to edit your Unboxing Video Reviews is essential. Trimming videos, merging two or more videos, adding background music and adjusting effects are just some of the features you have to look for. But, if you want to find a good one, you could perphaps share a license from a friend. A top choice would be Adobe Premier Pro. As we know, its counterpart Adobe Photoshop is the leading photo editing software around today.

Bonus point

For Adobe Premier Pro, they have a community where you could ask tips and tricks or even full tutorial from them. This should be a good start on your vlogging career. Editing may take 1 to 3 days if you just mix ip up or doing it during only on your free time.

Is there an advantage with Unboxing Review Videos

Is there an advantage with Unboxing Review Videos?

Without a doubt Unboxing Review Videos is beneficial to your products. Video marketing is now an addition to the promotion tool. Marketers have considered it to be the most effective type of content. It has dominated every platform and social media network that supports video features. Why is this?

1. It mirrors emotions.

When you make high-quality Unboxing Review Videos it will set off a person’s emotions. An unboxer is usually excited about a product, they would surely share a contagious and genuine emotion with the viewer. Emotions talk a lot about how real the video is, this is beneficial for the unboxer as they can make their viewers easily understand the product.

2. It reassures the decision of the buyer.

Unboxing Review Videos are a replacement of in-store product demonstrations. It reassures the buyer on what kind of product they are about to buy. It helps the marketer and the buyer visualize the product, how it should be used, and help them decide whether the product fits their needs.

3. Unboxing Review Videos are trustworthy and honest.

Unboxing videos are transparent and spontaneous. It is regarded by honestly and objectively made for its viewers. Unboxers explain the brand or product with casual and not flowery words. They share more information at the moment as they unbox the product. When information given at a manufacturer’s website does not show, the issues will be seen. It makes the buyers trust the Unboxing Review Videos and the unboxer’s recommendations.

The Benefits of Unboxing Review Videos

Product reviews attract customers’ loyalty and referrals. There are two different types of reviews, text reviews and video reviews. We have already discussed the difference of product Unboxing Review Videos and text reviews.

However, with Unboxing Review Videos, it builds a deep connection with potential customers and other video creators. We are already in a generation where marketers are on video revolution. Unboxing Review Videos provide benefits to both their customers and to the brand.

How can a marketer take benefit of Unboxing Review Videos?

Well, aside from the benefits the Unboxing Review Videos give to both the unboxer and viewer, there are benefits that it gives only to the marketer (unboxer). Making high-quality Unboxing Review Videos can be difficult and expensive. But, these sacrifices are nothing with the benefits it will give to the business owners.

1. Marketers can place an ad to their Unboxing Review Videos.

The idea is the potential buyer is already watching the unboxing video, and they are one click away to purchase the product. Marketers use unboxing videos to engage with their potential buyers. But, with “shoppable ads” integrated into their review videos, it would sell their own product while their buyer is watching the Unboxing Review Videos.

2. Brand exposure

Marketers used to publish daily text reviews, however, they realized that video reviews get more exposure. It is more viewed and shared than the text reviews. It brings benefit to a marketer because it is one of their goals to have a great brand or product exposure. Unboxing Review Videos can be shared across social media networks that support video features.

3. It easily spreads like a virus.

Unboxing Review Videos are easily shared because it is easily viewed and understood by the audience. This is the reason why business owners gave way to this promotional strategy because it unveiled various benefits. It attracts more traffic and leads to more potential buyers that are active on social media. These people would definitely share the video with their friends.

Video reviews can be easily shared through the social media networks with just one click. Most of the people are using social media today, thus, when shared your video will spread throughout the world. Moreover, the customers give feedback to their peers who want to know about a particular product or service.

4. Videos can also make money.

Due to the popular usage of video marketing, in-stream ads are now also a thing. It has become a popular strategy that harnesses good response. If you want, you can apply for a Youtube partnership program and get money through Adsense.

The benefits show that Unboxing Review Videos are needed for your brand or product. The return on investment, the increased sales, and web traffic are what every marketer dreamed off.

The Benefits of Unboxing Review Videos

How is Unboxing Review Videos beneficial to buyers?

Unboxing Review Videos will clear up the confusion. There is a high possibility that when a buyer understands the product you sell, they would buy it. You better make quality video content.

 1. Unboxing Review Videos explain better.

About 71% of the buyers think that unboxing videos explain the product and its functions better than text reviews. Videos can comprehensively discuss and demonstrate the product spontaneously. Thus, if the manufacturer claimed a feature of the product that does not show or work when it is being unboxed, then it will be revealed.

2. A sense of connection.

Video reviews filled the gap between business owners and buyers, it surely is an efficient method to connect. The business owners give access to their potential buyers who have an interest in their products. This is an important component for building your product, the sense of connection puts you into PACE.

3. Buyers trust the product or service.

The reason why Unboxing Review Videos is important for brands is it helps progress trust. Almost 58% of the customers trust the brand or product because of the video reviews. It is understood that video reviews are full of information and it reveals every inch and feature of the product. It makes the buyer realize the worth of what he or she is about to purchase. Each buyer that is satisfied with your transaction builds more trust.

How to find a good Amazon Product Unboxing Video Reviews?

From now on, we will start to upload Amazon Product review. So, you can check us out from time to time,. At some point we want to do a complete list of Unboxing Video Reviews. But if the product that you are looking for is not here. Still, there are a thousands of selection for Unboxing Video Reviews on YouTube. But the subscribers count and the video number of views are not always a good indicators of quality Unboxing Video Reviews that they make. Always read the comments section to get a sense of the creator behind these videos. When you find a good channel that you like, subscribe to it.


You have to remember that when creating Unboxing Review Videos you have to give voice to the product’s benefits, hand out pieces of advice, and demonstrate how the product works and should be used. Moreover, the unboxing video should be comprehensive, timely, and entertaining to its viewers. If you are still a beginner in making Unboxing Review Videos, we have prepared a list of the common mistakes in unboxing videos.

Provide honest feedback and help customers have the product they are looking for. Your customers will give their loyalty to you by helping them in the decision they have to make. Do you have any ideas to share? We are happy to hear your thoughts. Share it with us in the comment section below.