Unboxing is the act of unpacking products through a video and uploading it to the Internet. Today, buyers are influenced by the reviews and recommendations from online reviews. There are bloggers who create comprehensive unboxing reviews for certain products. These products garner more than a thousand probable customers without the need to advertise the products.

Now, we will know the most popular products for unboxing reviews. Most unboxing reviews regard high-end products or those who are wished by the buyers.

What is an unboxing review?

An unboxing review explains the brand or product supporting with a visual demonstration of it. The video review will emphasize the unique features and reveal the capability of the product. What makes a good unboxing review are:

  • The engagement of the video and the audience.
  • Simple, comprehensive yet entertaining explanation of the product and its features and benefits.
  • It shows emotion, catch the attention of the audience and provides clear information to the audience.

What are the most popular products for unboxing reviews?

Along the exaggerated claims and product reviews from anonymous people, it is hard to determine whether your purchase is worthy. That is why unboxing reviews come in, these video contents reassure you that you are not wasting money. It is a way of testing products to guide you with your decision. Unboxing reviews evaluate the latest products.


A phone is an essential product that most people can’t go a day without it. It has become an important product in our modern existence, that is why having the best smartphone is essential. Unboxing reviews help you choose the best smartphones that can bring you:

  • Optimum web-browser performance
  • High-quality sound, picture, and video
  • Long battery life
  • HD display
  • Fast SMS and e-mail performance
  • Easy handling
  • Long durability

It can be confusing when you choose the right smartphone for you. You have to consider several features to know that it suits your needs. You have to check the operating system, features, functions, and price. However, you may know these features from the product descriptions but you cannot try all the features in minutes.

Unboxing reviews give honest revelations on how the smartphone really works and what does not work on its claimed features.

Laptops or Notebooks

Before, the widely used laptops were Windows. But now, there are kinds of a laptop with a different operating system. However, the operating system is not just the only thing to consider when buying a laptop. You also have to look over the following features:

  • Weight and screen size
  • Purpose (Do you plan it for school? For gaming? For business?)
  • RAM
  • Memory
  • Graphics
  • Battery life
  • Connectivity

More than that, you have to check the price. Buyers will always look for a laptop that is worth buying, from budget to high-end laptops. That is why laptops or notebooks are popularly reviewed through unboxing videos because potential buyers would like to make sure whether they are getting the relevant features they wanted to have.


Just like smartphones, there are several tables you can choose from. How can we tell that it is the right one that will suit your taste? If you do not want to research each available tablet you see in the market, look for a reliable unboxing review.

Tablets have been handy for students, employee, employers, and children. You can read ebooks, news, watch videos, keep children occupied with entertaining apps. Tablets confuse potential buyers whether they would purchase smartphones, laptops or tablets. Tablets have been becoming competent and better every year. Unboxing reviews will surely discuss the:

  • Screen quality
  • Battery life
  • Ease and comfort
  • Overall performance

It is more popularly reviewed because of the several varieties of tables that offers distinct features that make each tablet unique. However, it would be time-consuming to test all the available tablets in store. Look for reputable unboxing reviews for tablets. Thus, these video reviews give you an expectation on what to expect from the tablet and how it works.


Even in this modern era, wristwatches are still popular. Time is essential, it gives us forever. Despite how everything is evolving, mechanical watches are still a thing. Aside from the feature that it conveniently tells time, it is a handy accessory that is a big hit in fashion.

When using a mechanical watch, you do not have to reach any of your digital devices to look for the time. However, smartwatches and fitness trackers are introduced in the market today. These smartwatches can log your daily activity and habits, the data are reflected on your wrist or on your smartphone. Smartwatches are supported by iOS and Android operating system.

These products are popularly reviewed because it is upgrading overtime and an essential accessory for a person. Watch reviews include their unique features and how it displays the time. Meanwhile, smartwatches are tested through intensive workouts to test whether it can accurately track your fitness activities. Smartwatches can even display your heart rate, calories burned and food intake.

Watch unboxing reviews will surely give you an idea which is fashionable for your taste and which can help you to have a healthy lifestyle. So, are you for mechanical watchers or smartwatches?


You should be aware that unboxing reviews is a need for your brand. It is the company’s goal to create unboxing reviews that are more than just the product. Unboxing reviews greatly influence potential buyers, it shows the brand’s promise and reveals its true benefits to its users. It becomes the first impression of your brand and products.

If you are a potential buyer, you have to keep your eyes open about the product or brand’s features. The pieces of information are highly relevant to determine whether the products suit you. The unboxing reviews will give you eye-opening recommendations that will help you easily look for brand or products to purchase.

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