Private Label

How to Start your Own Private Label? First, let’s talk about the two routes.

Hard Route for Private Label Sellers

So, with the present challenge on Amazon and Ebay, you have to accomplish something beyond slapping a mark on your non exclusive items. Hence, you have to increase the value of your products in the market.

This is done by imprinting your trademark or logo on your items. Therefore, including additional stuff like bundling. But, these generally takes a long and testing process with numerous dangers included. But, except if you have involvement in warehouse, sourcing and expertise on handling, Or if you are on the ground in China. Due to it’s lower labor cost.

Easy Route for Private Label Sellers

But, wayback a couple of years, Factory Desk have been helping individuals around the globe. Consequently, making the products of their clients emerge from the rest and win the competition. Presently, Factory Desk is opening access on those administrations for you. All in the convenience of online management. Because all you need to worry about is your store and Factory Desk will handle the stock management and packaging for you.

So, Factory Desk should take your Amazon business to the following dimension by making strong and sealed items that your purchasers will love.


To easily manage your stocks and just focus on your online store, choose a service provider. Some refere to middlemen but we suggest to go for one stop solution who will handle your stock and packaging processes. Here is the complex process if you are the one to handle all of it.

Process for Private Label Selling
Process for Private Label Selling

Factory Desk : One System to Manage
Everything on China Side

Reduce costs and save time

  • Get better bargain price on costs with our local team sourcing and arranging costs on your behalf.
  • Spare time and cash by having us review your examples in China as well as consolidation into one shipment
  • Have your products prepared and sent specifically from China to FBA distribution centers

Avoid scams from middlemen

  • Stay away from tricks and ensure 100% safety
  • Stay away from tricks, temperamental providers and Alibaba mediators. Have our experienced staff vet providers and pick the ones that are the most reliable
  • Have any broken or harmed bundling supplanted before transportation them to FBA distribution centers
  • Secure your seller account and listing by having your units appropriately stuffed, marked and ensured

Create better products in less time

  • Create customized products that emerge and are difficult to pirate
  • We have the assets and experience to assemble an interesting item utilizing couple of various providers
  • Control your item development cycle through our neat and online platform
What are Factory Desk Services?

1. Product Development
2. Logistics

Services Offered by Factory Desk
Services Offered by Factory Desk
Summary on How to Start your Own Private Label

If you are planning to focus on Selling Products with your Private Label. Might as well go for a service which consolidates everything that you need from a supplier. Instead of doing transactions to several people or companies. Factory Desk gives you a one stop solution for everything you need. With Factory Desk’s Online Platform, gives you the convenience on managing your stocks. We hope that we have enlighten you on How to Start your Own Private Label. Start selling your trademark products and overcome your competitors.

Happy Selling!