Vbiger Women Floral Pattern Chiffon Layer Kentucky Derby Wide Brim Hat


When I saw this Kentucky Derby Wide Brim Hat I thought it was so cute. I just had to buy it to test it out myself and see how it looked on me.

I am extremely picky when it comes to hats, Even though they look cute online not many hats in person actually wow me.

When I opened this derby hat and removed it from the box I instantly thought it was extremely cute. I tried it on right away to see how it fit and to my surprise it fit great on my head. It has a elastic chin strap but I didn’t like how it looked so I just tucked that under the derby hat.


You could even cut it off if you choose to but I kept it in case of a windy day I thought it might be nice to have it.

The derby hat was nice and light weight which made me not even feel it on my head, That was a huge plus for me.

I also really liked how the hat was a thin material that was kind of see through. This made it nice and cool to wear on hot days. It was in the mid 80 degree weather with a nice breeze when I wore this hate.

I loved that I could feel a little breeze blowing through my derby hat which felt so relaxing.


This Kentucky Derby Wide Brim Hat came with a flower pin as well.

You could wear the flower pin on you hat or shirt, or even choose to not wear it at all.

The flower pin looked super cute but it wasn’t made durable like the hat was. As you can see in one of the photos above the glue was messy and the stitching was coming apart before I even wore it.


Over all the derby hat itself made up for the lack of the pin.

If you are into derby hats or has a girl friend that is, I would suggest you try this hat out if its your style. I am very glad I did.