Top Race TR-Q511 4-Channel Quad Copter Drone with Camera, 1 Key Return & Headless Mode Option


This is our first mid-sized drone, and we are LOVING every minute we spend flying it!

Unlike smaller, compact versions, this device is extremely responsive and can be made to hover and much greater heights.

First, there is a little assembly required. The optional blade protecting cages, if you want to install them, need to be clipped in and the included rechargeable battery needs to be taken out and charged.

There is an included USB cable that worked to quickly and effectively charge for our maiden voyage. The included hand held remote control is ergonomic and easy to grasp.  The thumb controls are padded and, again, responsive, allowing for quick  changes in direction.






The remote also features a home button that with a click will direct the drone back to your location.  This may not seem like  a big deal, but I am convinced it saved our drone from a nearby roof this afternoon when a gust of wind carried it off course.

The drone also features an on-board camera that records video or stills.  There is even an included micro SD card to capture the footage, and a micro-card USB adapter for easy transferring of files. We were able to capture some awesome video, and I can’t wait to get it out there this summer to really capture the neighborhood when the flower and trees are in full color.


Overall, this was a short learning curve from box to flight, flew easily once it was in the air, and captured amazing video while in flight.  I am over the moon with this, and the whole family was able to spend quality time together learning to maneuver it.

HIGHLY recommended for anyone new to the drone movement!  

We are certainly now addicted!