Tanors Ceramic Burr manual Coffee Grinder with Water Resistant Travel Bag and Cleaning Brush, Stainless Steel


This stainless steel mini manual coffee grinder is one of the best additions I’ve ever made to my kitchenware.  

I’ve used an electric grinder in the past, and the grounds just weren’t fine enough.  






This, however, grinds whole beans into a fine ground that just tastes amazing when brewed. The unit itself is four pieces–a generous base with a window to determine volume, the heavyweight grinding mechanism, a silver lid that fits over the grinding mechanism and a long horizontal handle.  

Once together, the handle moves smoothly and easily to produce an aromatic grind of coffee that will leave you always wanting just one more cup!

Our Keurig is long retired in favor of a manual coffee press, and with the addition of this appliance, we will be enjoying fresh brewed coffee far more often.