SunLabz 12 Bay/Slot Smart Battery Charger for AA AAA NiCd NiHM Rechargeable Batteries


This charger is the cat’s pajamas!  I recently acquired a set of SunLabz rechargeable AAA batteries and love them.  

I use AAAs in a set of four flameless candles, and the SunLabz not only outlast traditional batteries on one charge, they’ve now been recharged twice and are still performing perfectly.  As I was so impressed by their batteries, I decided to give their charger a go as well.

I must admit to having charged only my AAA SunLabz, as I own no other rechargeables, so this review is specifically geared to charging this company’s own batteries. What struck me first when opening this charger was the sheer size.  

It can charge up to 12 AA or AAA batteries simultaneously, so it’s a fairly large device.  Each of those 12 bays is dual purpose and will fit either battery size–a feature I hadn’t found on other chargers at this price point.


I was also surprised to find that it is a corded unit, as my old charger plugged directly into the outlet and laid flat against the wall, blocking the second outlet. As those are few and far between in our older home, having better access to the outlets we DO have is a bonus.

When I received this device yesterday, I loaded up the AAA set I have and was impressed to see the status of each displayed on the backlit screen, which updated as the batteries charged. My old charger just had a light that would change from a red  to green when all of the batteries were finally fully charged.

I love that I no longer have to guess whether it’s one battery prolonging charging time, and if so, which one!  


The graphic interface is most certainly intuitive and easy to read, and the unit protects batteries from overcharging should you forget to remove them..I would be remiss if I failed to mention the green aspect of recharging batteries.  

Our landfills are toxic cesspools due, in part, to the chemicals leached into the surrounding environ from discarded batteries.  Using rechargeables lessens the environmental impact making this charger a valuable commodity in helping to clean up the planet.


Overall, highly recommended charger!