Soundsmith Guitar Capo – Acoustic and Electric Guitars – No Fret Buzz, Smart-Memory Coil Spring Technology, Single Hand Quick-Change, Top Grade Silicon, Lifetime Alloy Metal, Also for Banjo, Ukulele


I purchased this Soundsmith quick change capo for my husband.  He plays his acoustic guitar quite a bit, and his last capo was losing its grip.

He loves it so much, he agreed to do a vid review.






First, this capo is very tightly sprung.  

It grips well and holds on–no slipping.  The silicone pad that hits the strings applies pressure evenly, allowing for a precise sound that doesn’t warble/buzz due a lose fit.  It’s also uber easy to put on and take off with one hand, which is a must for any musician who needs to change it up quickly.  

The construction is strong and durable;  this capo is in it for the long haul!

As a teacher, I appreciate the fact that a portion of the proceeds from this sale will go to VHI’s Save the Music Foundation.  We need to support the arts in every school in this country for reasons about which I could pen a dissertation.  


For now, kudos to Smith Products.