That Sporks set – what a great idea!


Handy and a great replacement

We are the outdoorsy type whether it is camping or picnicking so these are going to come in very handy on many occasions. My granddaughter has several peanut and tree nut allergies, so that being said we bring our food where we go and skip the fast food trek. It saves us money, that’s for sure. I don’t buy many plastic or throw away silverware either. Now I can just carry these in my purse or my picnic bag. This fits perfectly also down the side of my back pack.


Now let me give you an example

We took off to go to Midtown Crossing to see the horse statutes. They are in honor of the fallen officers. My granddaughter loves horses so it was a learning experience and fun all at the same time. In the middle of the park I could take out my sets of SandFox Spork it Open Sporks and we could have a decent lunch. I packed a fruit salad, noodles, and finger foods. This set was perfect because we both had one.


But here is the really fun part

We stopped on this little specialty shop to get sodas. Old fashioned cold cream soda. Here we are in the grass enjoying our meal and I go to unscrew the bottles of soda. Oh no, old fashioned meant I needed a pop bottle opener. Guess what, we used the end of the spork for a bottle opener. I thought I made it up but when we got back I looked at the product listing, and it is meant to be a bottle opener! The end can also serve to lift the lid on some camping pots. Very versatile piece of flatware.



I am excited about this item!

Makes sense to have these around. I don’t have to keep grabbing from my kitchen set. This set of stainless steel sporks are made sturdy. They don’t bend. Easy to wash and can go in the dishwasher. I really like the size and style of this set.

They come in a handy zipper pouch that keeps the sporks from poking anything in my bag. I think these will make a good stocking stuffer for Christmas. Several in the family bring their own lunch, camp, hike and picnic. Very useful. This product has more than met my expectations.