Quokka House Pizza Cutter 2 pc Gift Set w/ Non-Slip Comfort Handle, Sharp Blade & Anti-Slip Grip + Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Handheld Wedge Tool for Serving Pizzas, Pies, Cakes


I received the Quokka House Pizza Cutter two piece gift set to give my unbiased opinion of.

I opened the package and immediately noticed the cute bag to store the set in.

If giving as a gift the bag really adds to the looks of the set. To me it’s a country look, which I just love.


I removed the set and was very pleased how strong and firm the set was.

Neither piece bends at all. I am sure this set will hold up for years to come.

The handle is a comfortable rubber, making picking up pizza easy.


The handle has no slipping causing you to drop a slice of pizza. Looking at the way the set is made you would think it cost a fortune.

We tried the pizza cutter out on a thick crust pizza, to find out how it would really hold up.

Although we did have to go back and forth a few times, it did great.






I do have to admit the bottom of our pizza got done a little more than I attended.

The serving utensil picked up pizza easily and quickly.

My ten year old son didn’t even have problems getting his slice of pizza and was enjoying being able to do with no help or mess.


The utensil don’t only work on picking up pizza easily, but cake or pies would be ideal for it as well.

I can see this set in a gift basket with all the fixing to make a homemade pizza and maybe gift card to get the grocery items that will go bad before basket is open.

The cost is $18.67 and I would gladly pay that without hesitation.


I recommend you ordering one or more for Christmas gifts, I know mine will be used a lot.