Polarized Driving Sunglasses for Men & Women with Metal Frame RALLY by BLUPOND


I am a big fan of polarized lens they keep the glare off things while you are outdoors so you won’t have to squint if you are wearing a poorly contrasted pair of lenses that might not filter the sun as much as it would if you were wearing this great set of glasses.

These glasses do a great job filtering out the sunlight. I like the way these glasses are light and easy to wear.

The style and color look bold. Now my husband and I can both wear these if we are in the passenger seat. I am sure it will be whoever seems to grabs them first since we are both very happy with the fit of these glasses.

Needless to say I am making claims on these glasses as mine.
These polarized sunglasses really help get rid of the glare from the sun that may shine on other vehicles while you are driving or working in and around cars.


example: a car salesman who wears this type of Polarized sunglasses would enjoy having the darker lenses especially if they are sensitive to bright sunlight or working outdoors in the sunlight all day.


This polarization will give you the best protection from the sun, we all know that we mistreat our eyes and using good sunglasses is very important. These fit the bill.





I wore these driving – the fit was nice, they were comfortable and easy to wear.

I went to the lake – same thing for the whole day. These kept that glare from the sun and water out of my eyes.
These glasses come with a convenient visor clip to store the glasses in your car, or a nice case so if you toss them in the back pack.

You can also just leave them lay on the seat and they will be protected.

These do not fold flat so they don’t fit in my other case but since they come with a case I don’t have hunt for a case that works.

This set also comes with a keychain screw driver and cleaning cloth.
I can’t forget the satin drawstring bag.

I am happy with this purchase and would recommend these to others.