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Knight Visor Products

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Knight Visor Premium HD Polarized Lenses

Today, we feature another product here at Unboxing Reviews. One of the best night driving glasses in the market today. This Knight Visor Night Driving Glasses by Blupond has been one of the top selliing products for drivers. The packaging is so exceptional with its versatile component that is incredibly wonderful product among others. Its point of convergence is 100 percent captivated with light yellow shading. To give you a prevalent vision while driving around night time all the time.

In terms of blueprint, these glasses are inspired with Italian style. And they are the best choice ever for well known people. Moreover, purchasing this incredible night driving glasses gives you five free extra accessories.

Knight Visor Night Driving Glasses Features:

Metal Frame – Aluminum-Magnesium Frame (Strong, Lightweight, High Elasticity, and Durable).

Polarized Yellow Tint Lenses – with Anti-Reflective (AR) covering; Premium quality technological advancement; Shatter-proof quality (fill in as security glasses).

Light Balance –  focuses filter through high glare so as to calm eye weakness

Focal point width: 70 millimeters

Knight Visor Night Driving Glasses can filter through high-glares when moving towards headlights, street lights and other harmful environmental elements on the road. These unique product central focus, make shades clearer and objects more brilliant. So, you can keep up your accentuation all over the place. Moreover, Knight Visor Night Driving Glasses balances lights and relieves eye strain. Also, you can drive around night time with more comfort.


How to tell if your glasses are polarized?

  1. Put the glasses on LCD screen and glance through the point of view.
  2. 2.Turn the glasses 45 degrees.

For illustrations, please follow the link for .


You will see the shading change from stunning to dull or tight clasp versa.



Finally, Yellow Lenses (best tint for night driving) entranced central focuses enabled to wipe out reflected and dissipated glares, enhance separate in low light conditions by making the road more brilliant. We hope that our review blog gave you some good insight about this amazing driving glasses.