Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl


Wow, I can no longer complain about my small life problems


When we step back and realize what we are complaining about – it really doesn’t mean anything.

Especially when you put yourself in Viktor’s shoes.


He lived through one of the most horrible acts of humankind.

A concentration camp. He compares those who let themselves give up and die to those who survived through the nightmare.


Now when I get upset or stressed, I try to envision myself in those shoes (frozen feet numb and inside of other dead people’s shoes…) just trying to get enough bread and gruel to survive.


And I have on my wall various quotes from the book – with the general mindset in my head that no one else can control how we react to things except ourselves.


Sure, they can hold us down and make us live through a nightmare like a holocaust, but they cannot make our own mind accept this reality.