Magnifeko Electric Hair Straightening Brush Styling Detangling Comb for Natural Silky Hair


I have a natural curl to my hair that when exposed to high humidity becomes downright frightening. From rain to being within a state of an ocean, my hair drinks in the moisture and celebrates by doing a frizzy Shirley Temple impression.

The Magnifeko Electric Hair Straightening Brush is my new secret weapon to stylishly survive rainstorms, beachy vacations, and the sauna at the gym. I’ve found that if I use the Magnifeko in conjunction with a tiny bit of setting gel to calm my natural curls before I head out, that I can face hours of heat and humidity without poofing or frizzing!

The Magnifeko straightening brush is a brilliantly designed styling tool that not only gently works the tangles out, it also leaves my hair soft and humidity-resistant.

You can adjust the heat to whatever level works best for your particular hair texture – I have thin naturally curly hair so use a lower level heat but even when I was playing around with the higher setting the iron heats up very quickly.

The molded tips on the bristles protect my hair from breaking and I brush from roots to the ends of my shoulder length hair using a two count. Each pass of the brush distributes the hairs natural oils (as well as the setting gel) and the heat and pattern leave my hair straight and soft with no frizz.

The Magnifeko is available on Amazon and arrives in upscale retail-grade packaging. The brush cost for Amazon Prime members at the time I ordered was $39.95, for non-Prime members $100.00 – shipping is free. The brush measures 11 inches end to end, 2.75 inches across at the widest point, and weighs 9.6 ounces. The heavy duty cord is 75 inches long. An informational booklet is included with tips on use as well as on caring for the brush.

To use the Magnifeko you just plug it in and tap/hold the power button on the side. The temperature will show in the LED window in Celsius and will quickly climb as the brush warms. Next to the power button are plus and minus buttons that can be used to set the heat exactly where you want.

For thick hair you may want high temps of between 210-230 degrees C, for thin hair somewhere between 170 and 200 degrees. I use the extreme low range for my baby-fine hair.

Overall I love this straightening brush – the quality and the responsiveness of the temperature are excellent!