KVAGO Ultra Thin Alumium Folio Shell ABS Wireless Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard Carrying Case Colorful Backlight Selection for Apple iPad Air 2 (6th Generation) Apple Logo Cutout Champagne Gold


This aluminum shell keyboard case from KVAGO is, in a word, amazing.

It’s brilliantly stunning, responsive and sturdy–a trio of characteristics that make for one great case.

First, I am using this with my iPad Air 2, and it fits BEAUTIFULLY. The Air 2 snaps in snugly and stays put with no room for misalignment. This is particularly important to me, as I hate having to manipulate a case to expose a port or button.

With this Kvago case, the cut outs for all cams, in and outputs, and buttons are precisely sized and accurately located, making it a seemingly organic extension of the device itself. In addition to that perfect fit, the case functions without a hitch. The case was plug and play, paired with a simple combination of keystrokes, and stays connected.






The buttons are large and responsive with no sticking or stuttering, and they are QUIET! No clickety-clack of keys! My favorite aspect of this case, however, is the backlit keyboard. With the touch of a button, the color of that backlighting can be changed to any of seven color choices, and each is bright without being a distraction.

As if the above features weren’t reason enough for you to purchase this case, know that it’s just beautiful to look at. It matches the gold finish on my device, and makes quite a presentation. In the short time I’ve owned this, I’ve received dozens of compliments.

Finally, this case is STURDY. I am confident that my iPad is being adequately protected in the case of a bump or minor fall. The hardshell exterior seems to be durable and promises to withstand the test of time AND my propensity for being a klutz. 😉


Overall, this is a spectacular case that is both beautiful AND functional. HIGHLY recommended!