2 KitchenSpec Batter Cake Pen Dispenser With 2 Round Egg Pancake Ring Mold 3 Cup Set


These pancake pens have just saved me from being the victim of ridicule at breakfast!  

First, my family loves pancakes.  It’s a weekend staple in our home, and when everyone is here, it means a few DOZEN flapjacks.  As I’m the designated housewife, I’m expected to churn out these little babies.  

The problem is….I make a MESS.  I finally went and purchased a pancake maker and a mini pancake maker, but all that did was allow me to make fewer pancakes in more time and even more mess.  It’s an ongoing joke here–it takes me twice as long to clean up as it did to prepare them.  

Batter on the sides of the skillet, batter on the counter, batter covered spoons and bowls–the list goes on.  

Finally, with these pancake pens, my messy after-breakfast kitchen is sparkling.

First, I love the fact that there are two large pens.  This allows me to do the batter all at the same time and have it ready for the skillet.  


I just mix the batter in my Ninja and pour it right into these, then screw on the lid.  I can then put it in the fridge until I’m ready to use it.  From there, it’s all about a little squeeze to dispense the batter.  

The dispenser top spout is large enough to allow for chocolate chips or small blueberries–a definite bonus. The included pancake molds work wonderfully to create perfect little frisbee, but with the number of pancakes I cook, they just aren’t practical.  

With that said, I have used the molds for sunny side up eggs–I impressed myself.  ;). Their little handles make it easy to lift them out of the skillet, and if sprayed with cooking spray first, there is zero sticking.

Clean up on the entire set is so simple.  The bottoms and tops of the dispensers unscrew to make it easy to slide a dishcloth through!  Mine have also been through my dishwasher, though the description here doesn’t necessary say they are dishwasher safe.


All in all, these pens save me tons of time in the kitchen, allow me to better control the flow of the batter into the skillet, and give me the option to make all my batter ahead of time.  Clean up is truly a breeze.  

Highly recommended!