Imperial Collection Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife 9 Piece Set and Acrylic Stand


The Imperial brand is synonymous the world over with quality cutlery and kitchen ware.  This nine piece kitchen set accurately reflects that stellar reputation and is a core product in this company’s extensive line.  After a single use of just one of the knives, I was immediately converted into a lifelong customer.


First, each of the five included knifes are similar in design, though graduated in size. They feature easy to grasp, molded,  brushed stainless steel handles, and stainless steel blades with an eye-popping granite coating that makes them fabulously non-stick and durable.  The handles are weighty and well balanced, making each a joy to use!   From the meat cleaver to the paring knife, each piece is sharp and sturdy and slices through food with ease.  The strength of the blades attests to the fact that this set will be around and utilized in my home for many years to come.   Imperial has also included a heavy duty sharpening rod to keep a razor’s edge on each piece of cutlery. They didn’t just stop with the knives, however, as they’ve also included a vegetable peeler AND a pair of durable kitchen shears.


To make this set complete, an acrylic stand is provided upon which the knives can be stored and displayed. The stand consists of a tube to house a high quality, heavy steel  sharpening rod, a bracket for the industrial quality  kitchen shears and individual acrylic “blade sleeves” for each of the knives. The blade sleeves angle beautifully to create an overall aesthetic that draws the eye from left to right, making the entire setting as beautiful as it is utilitarian.  The finishing touch on this stand is  the base, manufactured  in a polished silver-tone with a mirror-like surface  that quite literally reflects the beauty of each of the included pieces.  


This  entire set looks positively AMAZING in my kitchen, as the granite knives match my counters, and the stand makes a wonderful display. I love that these knifes are ready at a moment’s notice, and that I don’t have to risk digging around in a drawer of sharp objects to find the piece I need for any given job.  As they are accessible, I find myself using them more often than I used the previous set that I kept hidden away.  This is most certainly  highly recommended cutlery for the professional or casual cook, and will replace that drawer full of odds and ends that always seem to accumulate.