Ensasa Women’S Fashion Digital Print American US Flag Spandex Strenchy Leggings


I am the type of girl that loves to dress to fit the holidays.

The family was having a big cook out so when I saw these American flag spandex pants sold by Ensasa I was thrilled to get them.

These American flag spandex pants are extremely comfortable to wear.


They do say one size but if you are a bigger girl these probably wont be as comfortable for you.

I weigh 135 and I am 5’4 and they fit me great. They adjust to your body and move with you as you move.

I was able to play softball and run around with no issues in them. They are a little thinner then I would of liked but since the weather was nice outside I didn’t mind it.


The quality of these American flag spandex pants is very good as well.

I have worn them twice and washed them with no issues at all.

The color is still just as bright with no fading or bleeding at all. The material still fits exact same as well.


The stitching is still nice and tight with no signs of wear.