Captain Portable Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker with 2 X 3.5W Surround Sound Subwoofer and Speakerphone with FM Radio, for Apple iPhone, Samsung, Nexus Laptops & Computers


This incredible multi-function Bluetooth speaker is, truly, a jack of all trades–and masters them all.  

I actually ordered two separate Captain speakers for two different places.  

This one I purchased for my bedside table, as it has a front facing built in alarm clock to rouse me from my sleep (no easy task!).

First, the sound from this speaker is on par with my stereo speakers, a fact that really surprised me from a bar unit. The bass is really rich, thumping and deep.  High end frequencies are also captured with amazing clarity.






I’ve already mentioned the clock/alarm functionality, but this device also has an integrated FM radio with fantastic range and reception. We live fairly far out in the country, and I was easily able to tune in dozens of station broadcasts.  

Beyond that, however, this speaker allows the user hands free calling and answering when it’s paired with a mobile phone. The built in microphone transmits clear speech that is free of static or interference.

Accessible top-mounted buttons make it simple to skip and repeat tracks, change the volume, set the alarm and answer the phone. The overall design is sleek, professional and sophisticated and would be perfect in any office.


Overall, I love this speaker and the sound it produces, not to mention the many functions it offers.