Beau Gâchis Paris Makeup Brushes Natural Hair Best Professional Quality 7 Piece Make up Brush Set Kit with Holder – Organizer


Once you use these makeup brushes, you will wonder how you ever applied cosmetics without them.  

I received the set yesterday and used them immediately.  

I was actually excited this morning to apply my makeup and again put these to work.

The first thing you will notice when you receive them is the awesome case.  It’s a black, leather-look unit that snaps on either side to hold the top on securely.  Inside, the brushes are enclosed in a cellophane bag.  Inside the bag, each brush is again wrapped.  






These are very well protected! The brushes themselves are well done–all natural hair and shed-free, they are uber soft and feel good against the skin.  The handles are all wood and are easy to grasp.  The ferrules are copper and are crimped tightly to ensure the hairs are secure.

The variety of brushes in the set is large–from foundation to eyeshadow, you will be covered.  The fact that they are protected from dust and very portable when in the case is also a huge bonus, as I frequently travel.


Overall, I am happy to give them five gold stars for quality and functionality.