Flameless Candles 4″ 5″ 6″ Set of 3 Ivory Dripless Real Wax Pillars Include Realistic Dancing LED Flames and 10-key Remote Control with 24-hour Timer Function


These flameless pillar candles are absolutely stunning.  After owning this set, I will never again be satisfied with mediocre imitators.

First, I am a candle person.  If I had my way, I would illuminate every room in the house with tiny, flickering flames.

Unfortunately, I own a rather curious cat who has in the past managed to singe both his whiskers and his tail.  After that episode, candles were permanently banished–until I discovered flameless!  I own dozens and never, until receiving these, realized just how gorgeous they could be.

This set is created to look like melting pillars and totally hits the mark. Each pillar in the set of three takes three AAA batteries to power up.






Once installed, a flick of the switch brings these to life.  The included remote allows you to choose from a steady flame to a dancing light that casts shadows as it gently sways.  Even up close, when these are lit it is virtually impossible to tell that they are not the real thing.I keep the three together as a centerpiece in my living room, as I love the effect of the trio.  

These, however, could be placed in three separate areas with an equally pleasing aesthetic.  

The remote allows you to dim or brighten the flame, and set the candles to stay on for 2 to 8 hours (in two hour intervals).  Once set, they cycle every twenty four hours, making it easy to enjoy them without having to remember to turn them on and off.


Overall, I am over the moon with these candles!

They add just right the right ambiance and lend a warm atmosphere to any room.