3-in-1 Military Vehicles Toy PlaySet w/ Lights & Sounds


These toys have kept my toddler neighbor entertained for the past two hours–higher praise than that I cannot bestow.

He’s an active, curious little boy who rarely sits still.  I have had the pleasure today of watching him engage in creative play that didn’t include a video screen–all thanks to these three little vehicles.

First, the size of these is fabulous.

I hate the matchbox size cars that inevitable end up rolling just out of the grasp of chubby little fingers and under my sofa.  I am forced to get down on my hands and knees to rescue these lost souls, just to have to repeat the process minutes later.  

I also am not fond of the Tonka size trucks that take up tons of space.  These are somewhere in between–perfect for tiny hands.  The construction is also terrific with no removable parts and a kicking paint job.






The set includes a tank, a humvee and an anti aircraft vehicle.  The tank and humvee have lights and sound, whilst the anti aircraft vehicle booms with three different sound effects, activated by the buttons on top.  

All three have rolling wheels and are propelled by the child, which means they won’t drive away and into the next room unaccompanied (a feature that drives our dogs to the point of distraction).  

The details on each are just enough to make them compelling and fun to examine. All vehicles come with preinstalled batteries which are activated by removing the plastic protective strips that keep them from making contact.  The packaging is challenging to open and requires some patience, but it does keep the pieces in tact and safe during shipping.


Overall, a great set for little ones.