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Portable Captain Bluetooth Speakers HD Sound Review

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The Captain Bluetooth speakers is a surprisingly affordable and a high definition sound speaker. It is jam-packed with great features like radio in a small, sleek and compact body. One of the best selling Bluetooth car speakers on Amazon. As it is capable of extending a connectivity range of as much as over 10 meters.

The Specifications of Captain Bluetooth Speakers

If you are looking for a simple way of streaming music or radio from your Bluetooth enabled device. Connect it to portable yet powerful audio like Portable Captain Bluetooth Speakers High Definition Sound. This portable Bluetooth wireless speaker enables you to wirelessly amplify music from your Bluetooth enabled device and enjoy music anywhere. Whether play it within your home or the garden or even when traveling on your most precious holidays. The sound can be isolated from your house or inside your car away from the outside noises.

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  • Bluetooth V3.0 technology can be easily connected up to even 35 feet or equivalent to 10 meters from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Such as your smartphone, notebook or tablet. Also, it can be equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack for non-Bluetooth capable devices.
  • Premium Sound Quality with Bass Enhanced Technology. Featured with self boosting amplifier IC. Composed of powerful 52mm diameter speakers combined with Enhanced Bass Resonator. This ensures to deliver crisp and clear quality sound with deep bass.
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls and callbacks. It contains a built-in high capacity Li-battery that can last for half a day of non-stop playtime.
  • Sleek fashion design with LED display. It comes in black or white body frame color selection. With the Built-in synchronization high-quality FM radio. It supports TF memory card/Micro SD card and even USB input.
  • The transparent acrylic frame enclosure makes it look so special and beautiful. Also, the battery guarantees you which could last up to 12 hours of ultimate music. Battery discharge depends on your users like the volume or using radiofrequency.
Portable Captain Bluetooth Speakers High Definition Sound Review

Captain Bluetooth Speakers Features

The sound system and the speaker offers high-quality audio and stereo environment sound. With its convenience of portability, there is no code or pin needed. It supports playing MP3, WMA, WAV, APE and FLAC format. The built-in battery rechargeable feature makes you no need to worry about discharged batteries. Paired on even having an integrated high capacity internal battery the portable speaker is easily charged and will give up to 5 hours of continuous use.

The Captain Bluetooth Speakers come in a sleek, stylish design made with the ABS cover. This composition makes it shine in bright environments. The durable build boasts a good quality frame. It is pretty solid as well, and it is definitely sturdy enough to survive minor impacts. The great looks and fine material quality makes it look way even more expensive than it actually is.

Inputs from the Product

Package includes:
Captain Bluetooth Speakers – 1 pc
USB Charger cable – 1 pc
Audio Line – 1 pc
User Manual – 1 pc

The Specifications of Captain Bluetooth Speakers

Overall, the battery life is perhaps the only let down, or probably one of its least impressive features. With a playtime of just 5 hours on high volume or radio player (not to mention the poor signal reception). The Captain Bluetooth speaker definitely is not the best on its kind, even in its price range. So, that being said, some customers do claim that the radio can be static especially inside the house. Also, lasts only for a few hours. So it probably depends on the volume and location. The Captain Bluetooth speaker is surely a great sounding speaker on average that actually offers a few for its price. This is especially true given the many added features that come with it.

Portable Captain Bluetooth Speakers HD Sound Review
Convenient Audio Device
Has wide features for mp3 and radio speakers
lightweight and handy to carry
long lifetime battery
not available due to Corona Virus outbreak
radio signal has poor reception
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