Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we usually run into




General FAQ


Are these reviews real?

All the reviews on the platform are from real people, and from real experiences.


How do I know the person is not a fake account?

We hand-pick our reviewers to make sure they meet a certain standard. Thus, we obviously check that the person is a valid reviewer.


Will they reply to my questions on their review if I leave a comment?

We educate our reviewers and our community to help each other and to share feedback. A major part of it is answering questions, so it is expected from a reviewer to respond to a concerned consumer.


Can I give them a feedback if their review is good or not?

Not only can you give, but we encourage you and everyone to. Feedback is what keep the community and the system growing, and it’s a vital component of our goals here at Unboxing Reviews 



FAQ For Brands


How much does it cost to sign up?

Membership costs a whole lot of nothing. It’s FREE! 🙂


How many samples should I provide?

It’s really up to you to decide. The point is basically that you need to provide just one sample, and let the platform work for you.


How do I choose which reviewer to look at my product?

Reviewers and products are matched by out platform. So although everyone would be able to see your product and request to review it, the preference is to pick reviewers that are expert and specialize in your product’s category.


Will they have to leave a review?

We follow-up on our reviewers once they are assigned and selected to review a product, so we make sure the reviewer is doing his/her job in a timely manner. Leave it to us.


How do these reviews help my sales on Amazon, as the reviews aren’t on Amazon?

One of the most important aspects on Amazon that partially determines your Ranking, is external leads to your list. Amazon appreciates it. You direct new costumers to them. So your product being reviewed on the platform and enjoying the traffic back to the listing, is in turn triggers more visitors, higher ranking, and more sales. 



FAQ For Reviewers


When do I get free products?

Upon signing up to the platform, you’ll have a variety of products that need to be reviewed. These are uploaded by the product’s owner, and you can request to receive a sample for reviewing. If the platform finds you suitable and picks you, you’ll get all the information you need to in order to continue.


How do I get more free products?

The more extended, in depth, and quality reviews you’ll produce, the higher your reputation will go. It’s about credibility and trust, but also many other features like badges, titles, and reviewer’s classes. All of that will contribute to your chances to get more products from the platform.


Do I have to leave a review?

When requesting to review a product, you, in other words, make a promise to us, to the seller, and to the community. We expect everyone engaging in our platform to respect their commitments. It goes without saying that those who won’t respect that, will be taken measures against.


What kind of review can I leave?

As said before, we look for authentic, quality analysis. So every aspect of a review is important. The more photos, videos and quality content you provide, the better you appear to others. Photos are mandatory, and videos might as well be in the near future.

Reviews will also be classified in a later stage, so you can have different kinds of ways to participate (Examples: Ordinary reviews, products comparisons, brand comparisons, etc..)


Does it have to be just on one product?

As stated above, it does not. Comparison reviews are very welcomed and will be a part of the platform.


Do they need to be video?

As of this moment, it’s a highly recommended form of work. It will be mandatory as the platform evolves.


What if I just want to make a text review?

We do not recommend text only reviews. Nowadays photos and videos have become standards, and everything else is just of a lesser quality and appreciation.


Do I need to be on the video?

Not at all. That’s not a requirement, only an added bonus for your audience.


How long do the videos need to be?

Typically, the suggested length is no less than 1 minute, but no longer than 5 minutes. The average visitor won’t have the patience to listen in for a too long video review. Short and to the point, that’s the way to go.