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Face Mask for COVID 19 and Biochemical Nano Shield Review

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During this time of our global health situation, fighting corona virus is hard. So, to protect ourselves from the said viral infection, it is important to wear protection. This Face Mask for COVID 19 and Biochemical filter from Nano Shield is a good decision to wear and buy. It protects not only our nose but also the eyes and our entire face which may be a possible gateway for the virus to enter our body. We need gears, especially when shopping for supplies when going outside our home.

Features of Face Mask for COVID 19 and Biochemical Filter

1. Composed of high-quality silicone. It is non-toxic, soft, comfortable, durable and safe to use. Wearing a gas mask will effectively eliminate any traces of viruses in the air. As well as organic chemical vapors or fumes. Large polycarbonate lens for the eyes offers a wide field of vision for comfortable to wear and does not fog. This product is good eye protection from COVID 19.

2. Powerful 2 sided filter and ventilation. Equipped with a filter compartment and a large exhalation valve. For the purpose of effectively filter chemical toxic gases, viruses in the air, and ensure smooth breathing. The exhalation valve cover redirects the exhaled gas or moisture downward against the flow to reduce mist.

Face Mask for COVID 19 and Biochemical Nano Shield Review

3. Double cartridge respirator on both sides. It contains 2 filter boxes that can effectively filter tiny Also, the filter box can be removed, washed and replaced. The half-mask respirator is lightweight and has a balanced design. It is compatible with overall bodysuits.

4. Comfortable wearing respirator which is made of food-grade silicone material and the elastic silicone. Additionally, it fits perfectly with the facial skin to achieve a firm seal outside pressure for full-face protection. The soft silicone is not heavy and will not make you feel uncomfortable. The headband can be adjusted according to the face size. It has a smooth surface that fits on most people’s faces.

5. Wide range of applications and equipped with grade 3 anti-poison filter box. Commonly used for viruses in the air and toxic gases such as homologs, chlorine gas, alcohol, aniline, carbon dioxide, acetone, etc. Face Mask for COVID 19 are widely used as medical equipment. Additionally against paints, chemicals, polishing agents, pesticide sprays, chemical experiments, fire emergencies, oil extraction, mining, and metallurgy, or welding respirators.

2 filter of Nano Shield Face Mask for COVID 19

COVID 19 Protection against Corona Virus

Now that this global pandemic has affected the world of more than 2 million positive cases at this present time. Protecting ourselves against COVID 19 or coronavirus is crucial. Since we cannot see the virus itself. Apart from disinfecting, the best way to protect our body by preventing it to enter our system is through the use of face protective gear. An ordinary mask cannot fully give us the protection we need. Especially if you have high exposure from COVID-19 patients.

Corona Virus seen on microscope for COVID 19 testing

Military Grade Nano Shield Face Mask

Elastic silicone
-Made of food-grade silicone materials.
-Silicone has good mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, and high-temperature resistance.
-It does not melt after heating after curing.

Flow valve
– Downward flow valves help dissipate heat and moisture, help breathe and reduce user fatigue.

-The headband is easy to adjust and comfortable to wear.
-A flexible nose frame makes the respirator perfectly fit any facial shape.

biochemical and virus mask protection

Double tube respirator
-Activated carbon filter, effectively purify the air and meet safety standards.
-The mask filter can be replaced by yourself.

Wide application
-It can also be used by the military and health care professionals. Other different fields are also applicable, such as industry, agriculture, warehouse, and scientific research.

Specification and Inclusives of this Product and How to Use it

Color: Gray
Weight: 300 grams
Material: high-grade soft silicone and TPU
Style: dual box reusable filter cartridges

  • 1 respirator
  • Two filter boxes
  • 2x cotton box
  • Two cotton pads
how to wear Face Mask for COVID 19 and Biochemical Nano Shield

Why Nano Shield Face Mask for COVID 19 and Biochemical Filter is better?

Apart from the full head protection, the Face Mask for COVID 19 and Biochemical Filter from Nano Shield is reusable. It is a must-have for people with high exposure to corona virus patients. Also, after this global pandemic, you can use it for home use like paint spray, cleaning solvents and other chemicals used within your house.

Face Mask for COVID 19 and Biochemical Nano Shield Review
Health professional and Military grade protection
High quality protective gear from Viruses
Full face reusable mask against COVID 19 or corona virus protection
some people may need assistance to wear it on or off for the belts
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