Why Brands Need To Have Unboxing Review

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Why Brands Need To Have Unboxing Review

An unboxing review is a new trend to introduce your product to your buyers. Does your brand need an unboxing review? Let’s answer that.

Why do Brands need To Have an Unboxing Review?

An unboxing review wields components to generate an increase in their ROI or conversions. Marketers like you should know that if these components will be used perfectly it would be beneficial to the success of your brand. 

What are the components of unboxing reviews that can gain brand position?

You have to be at the PACE to gain brand loyalty and position among your competitors in the market. These components will surely give you an idea as to why your brand needs to have an unboxing review.

1. Perceived Value

As mentioned in the article of whether text reviews or unboxing videos is better, unboxing reviews are more valuable. It may be expensive and difficult to use video marketing, but the expense and hard work will pay off due to its impact on your audience.

The audience will pay more time and attention to your brand because of your unboxing video. As its perceived value increases, it will also have a major boost in your organic website traffic. Did you know that according to WireBuzz, unboxing reviews can attract more than thrice of organic inbound links, and drives more than 200 to 300% of web traffic? Furthermore, it increases click-through rates by 41%!

2. Attention

The most difficult component to have is the attention of the audience. There are countless possibilities as to why it is hard to catch their attention. When you use text reviews for your product, they would be overwhelmed with the message length or product description.

That is why, if you are aiming to boost your brand or product position, you have to deliver the information in a way you can engage with your audience. There is no other way to do it than through an unboxing review. A product video review can most likely catch the attention of the audience than text reviews. Your brand surely needs an review video to double the customers. More attention, more views!

3. Clarity

It has already proven by education that people can learn and understand efficiently when information is given verbally and visually. Video marketing surely complements the people who can learn through visual and audio. 

Your review video should have this component to avoid confusion to your potential customers and viewers. For example, your service or product has a complicated function, you can comprehensively explain and help your audience to follow along and understand your message. Your brand has to be explained clearly, that is why it definitely needs an unboxing review.

4. Emotion

When you write a text review for a brand, does your reader’s tears jerk? Does their heart flutter? I bet not, no matter how well you have written the text review. Whilst if you use video reviews they can feel emotions. Especially with unboxing review, they can understand the concept more because of the visual and audio combination.

More people get attached to an unboxing review leaving them wanting to buy the product. Your brand needs to have a review to connect with your audience.

Why is there a need for unboxing review?

According to HubSpot Research, about 50% of the brand’s customers want to see an unboxing or video review than any type of content listing. Now, videos are not just for entertainment but it can be mixed with information. 

These video reviews did not only transform the business market, but it also gave a revolution of how businessmen connect with their potential customers and how they convert these leads. Now, we all know that unboxing review is an incredible help, but we have to know why it is really necessary to have one. Here is the list of reasons why:

It helps increase conversion and sales.

An unboxing review can help you increase the conversion rate of your website by 80% that can directly lead to an increase in sales. How can this even be possible? Remember, more people want video reviews than text reviews. After all, audio and visual sense help a buyer catch more information. Cool unboxing videos attract more viewers to watch an unboxing review than read a text review. Thus, unboxing review helps increase conversion and sales.

Unboxing reviews helps increase conversion and sales

The unboxing review can increase the return on investment (ROI).

It may be difficult and expensive to produce an unboxing review for your brand or product, but it will give more pay off than expected. What makes video marketing expensive is the need to purchase and update editing software, an expensive high-end camera, and to hire for a production team. However, this expense can be covered up if you have a high-quality unboxing review. From the content to the production team, it all matters. You have to avoid making a mediocre, low-quality unboxing review for your product. Learn to avoid the common mistakes when making an unboxing video.

Video reviews explain more!

As mentioned above, a great unboxing review should be in PACE. Video reviews give emotions and clarity to gain attention and increase the perceived value of the video. These review videos clearly shows how a product works or what service a brand provides. Viewers watch an unboxing review to learn more about the product, how it will work and how it should be done. You just have to make sure that the videos you make are not boring. 

It builds trust and brand popularity.

In the business, trust is the foundation of why your product sales boost and conversion increases. However, trust is progress and you have to keep on building to gain it. Through your unboxing review, you will catch the buyer’s attention by giving them information creatively. Create a powerful unboxing video by making your content engage and mirror emotions with your viewers. Moreover, unboxing reviews have a different approach, it shows the viewers how the product is used and it reveals whether the manufacturer’s claim is true about the product.

Videos are more significant for Google

Videos are more significant for Google.

Back to November 13th, 2006 when Google announced the acquisition of YouTube, now web’s second largest search engine, it’s not a coincidence for videos to get a larger favor over other types of content.

As you can observe, when you search something on Google, a website that has an embedded video on it shows up first than those websites with only text content. Google appreciates video content than text content because web visitors stay longer to watch the whole unboxing review. This claim is supported by the fact that YouTube is now owned by Google. 

Thus, you have to make sure that your unboxing review is well-optimized and it interacts with your viewers.

Unboxing reviews appeal more to mobile users.

According to Wyzowl, about 90% of the buyers watch unboxing reviews with their mobile phones. Why did it hit a rise of more than 233% in mobile video views? Well, it can be easily explained. Smartphone users have also raised the population, and people spend more time with their phones. Smartphones are the on-the-go device of people, that is why with video reviews your audience keeps bigger.

Even lazy buyers can be persuaded by video reviews.

Video reviews can capture a larger audience than text reviews. As unboxing reviews can still entice lazy audiences. There are people who do not want to read long product descriptions. Thus, they prefer to watch unboxing videos to learn more about the product or service they are about to consume. Give your best in making your video, capture their attention.

Unboxing review leads to more shares.

Social media networks added new features for social marketers to have a platform to launch their unboxing review or video contents. Video marketers should remember that their video should have a mixture of emotions and facts. Informative yet entertaining videos will surely be shared by the viewer to his or her friends. 


Although the idea of the video marketing strategy is not new, the unboxing review has become more popular than descriptive text reviews. We all know that text reviews can be long and boring while unboxing reviews are straight to the point. It easily discusses what the viewers need to know. With the advancement of technology, marketers can now make video contents for their brand or product and spread it worldwide. Now, eagerly make your own unboxing video to be shared all over the world because your brand or product surely needs it!

Unboxing reviews can be so important if you are not creating a marketing video for your brand or product, then you must be likely falling behind. If you are new to unboxing review, continue to read and learn more about what you need to know. You have to be at the top of the game. The unboxing review is not just for brand awareness, but also it shows how confident you are with your brand. Make unboxing review part of your marketing strategy now!

Do you have any idea why a brand or product needs to have an unboxing review? Share us your ideas. We love to hear your opinion!

Mike S.

Mike S.

Mike is an Ecommerce businessman and primarily a seller on Amazon and Ebay. Knowing and comparing different products are his hobby. So sharing his reviews to everyone help customers decide which product is good.

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