Which is Better: Unboxing Products versus Text Review?

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Which is Better Unboxing Products versus Text Review

Which review is better? Unboxing products versus text reviews. Let’s know the difference. When buying a product, we have to look for reviews. We are now in a generation where the aspects of life are revolutionized, and we cannot deny that most of the things that we perceive essential today are technologically and Internet-driven. Online brand marketing has been a competition for most people because of the accessibility and ease the technology and the Internet has given. Moreover, business owners have noticed that through the Internet, products are easily known because of the many platforms that provide a connection between the product and prospective buyer. 

What is the use of Unboxing Products Review to Customers?

Hooray to multiple ways that the Internet can be leveraged to our products advantage! If you do not know yet, the Internet has already spent some time convincing business owners of the importance of online product reviews. So we are! We believe that customers are intelligent enough to know if a brand is only claiming to be the best in its industry, while its customers say otherwise. Customer reviews do play a key role in someone’s purchasing journey. 

It is like the charity of customers at least through the internet to help other potential buyers by raising the product through the sea of competition and prevent consumers from sinking in failed ideas. Now, there is a debate on which kind of customer reviews are effective, we have multiple customer reviews such as survey, third-party review, star rating reviews, inaccurate reviews, compare and contrast reviews, and the genuine review (unboxing product or text review) – which this article will focus more on. 

Why are Unboxing Products Review Important?

For those who did not know, unboxing products review use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that can completely increase the online visibility of the brand. Moreover, it is a crucial yet essential component to entice potential customers because it gives them the idea of what product they are about to buy. 

The following reasons are not exaggerated, all of these are fact driven and makes product reviews a part of the business industry:

Online businesses are first checked out

In this generation, most people are attached to the virtual world. Well, if you still do not know this, Invesp conducted a study that proved that about 90% of the consumers make sure about the store and this is not a surprise. Why? It is a way to ensure that they are purchasing the product from a legit store. Thus, reviews are a major factor in the online and offline business world. 

People trust online reviews

Moreover, Invesp claimed a study that they conducted which brought up the results that 88% of the potential buyers totally trust the online reviews given by personal recommendations from consumers. This is the reason why businesses are enticed to improve their products and get better online reviews. 

Increase in sales!

Businesses with online presence have undeniably proven to have an increase in sales compared to that without. This is in conjunction with the previous point, for example, businesses who utilizes star ratings provide a quick and accurate visualization of the products response from real customers, which is an effective way for potential buyers to be persuaded and convinced.

Brand interaction

Brand engagement is the process of connecting and creating an emotional commitment between a brand and a person. We couldn’t emphasize how important and essential part of brand management this is, because it connects directly to the consumer. Customer service has gone a step higher because of this, and people who have been responded to proves to trust the brand even more.

There are many ways a brand can interact, most ecommerce websites provide a comment section just below each product welcoming anyone to share their comments, some creates polls for buyers to leave their review, and private messaging through forms is one too.

These brand interactions can both display negative and positive reviews. There is a connotation that a negative review affects a brand negatively too, while this can be true, there is also an opportunity we should see here, a good and polite reply and a back up answer is always the best. Ultimately, brand interaction can increase a customer’s satisfaction leading a positive review for the product.

Latest deals and promotion

Product review helps business owners to identify the most popular and least popular products they have and strategically plan their next step, some that we have seen are doing is bundling the least popular product with the best selling ones, discounts and/or creating deals and promotion, and the like. This is a great opportunity for business owners if taken seriously and monitored closely. 

Search Engine Optimization

Indeed reviews are not the sole factor that can improve the visibility of a website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides a greater visibility. Contents that are high in SEO boosts the visibility of a business and increases the traffic. Moreover, Google has a tool that is essential for potential buyers to improve their local search and for the product to improve its SEO visibility.

It is typical and common for an ecommerce website to have fewer contents about a certain product, because it is an ecommerce site and not an educational one. The contents usually seen in the product page is an image of the product, key features and functionalities, price, add to cart button and that’s it! 

But they say SEO works better with content! Indeed, this is where product reviews comes to the frame, product reviews is itself your help to boost your page complementing your seo efforts for your product.

Brand Loyalty

Product reviews increase a customer’s loyalty to a brand. Most of the consumers who left a product review on a product will surely come back for more of your business.

Product reviews is a gateway that gives the buyers the complete detail of the pros and cons of your product. When you are transparent with your product reviews, you will surely win their trust and loyalty. 

Moreover, you can show appreciation to your customer through leaving a message on their product review. This can also win a customer’s loyalty.

What is the difference between video review and text review?

Which type of review can provide more interest and interaction? The more the viewers are hooked into the presentation of information, the more they will retain the product details. We should provide the viewers the ease in identifying and selecting the right product for them.



It has been observed that people are slower in reading reviews than watching it. A scientific explanation can support this statement, the brain can process a video 60,000 times faster than a text review. It is a need for the viewers to get the needed information fast. Moreover, video reviews can easily capture the attention of the viewer. 

Clarity of Concept

As reviewers, it is our aim to provide accurate information by clearly presenting it to the viewers. Unboxing products provide a visual presentation about the features of the product without bias, simply put video reviews are hard to fake. While text reviews have contents that can be SEO.

When giving out product reviews it is important to provide information with speed and clarity of the concept. These two can affect the understanding of the viewer, it will show the effect of the presentation.

There are viewers who learn and absorb information more through videos than in reading texts and vice versa. It helps the prospective buyer retain details of the product and maintain the interest for a longer period.


Undeniably, YouTube has become the go to of most for anything and even reviews, unboxing videos go viral easier than text reviews. There are relatively lesser text reviews that went viral as much as videos do. Thus, this supports the statement that more people watch videos than read. Business owners have taken this opportunity to create their own video review as a marketing strategy due to the popularity of video reviews and its response rate to the brand. 


When facts are presented in detail through videos, it creates experience to the viewers. Videos engage and interact with the viewer giving them more interest! It makes them feel that the product is already there with them. They do not have to visualize and make a mental image or scenario about the product. 

With the following information, you would know which review platform is better. However, it will always be better to have both platforms to increase your product visibility.

Conclusion of Unboxing Products versus Text Review

In any comparison, there has to be a winner! In this case, with all the points provided, it’s safe to say that Unboxing reviews or video reviews is the champ! Simple as unboxing videos is the trend cannot be easily faked!

It provides better interaction and engagement with the prospective buyers. A video review cannot be faked because the product is being tested/checked in front of a camera. It has more power and influence than any form of review. 

More than that, the voice tone and body language can make the review more trusted. It is recommended to use unboxing videos because about 88% of consumers trust unboxing than text reviews. 

However, the difference between unboxing reviews and text reviews should not hinder you from making text reviews. There will always be an audience whether you prefer unboxing products or text review. You will still send a message to the prospective buyer about their desired product. 

How about you, do you also think that unboxing is a better form than text review? Let us hear your insights!

Mike S.

Mike S.

Mike is an Ecommerce businessman and primarily a seller on Amazon and Ebay. Knowing and comparing different products are his hobby. So sharing his reviews to everyone help customers decide which product is good.

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