Product Review Specialist, 5 Reasons Why You Should Become One Today!

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Product Review Specialist, 5 Reasons Why You Should Become One Today!

Do you wonder what you should be doing right now? A product review, of course!

There is a huge opportunity in the world for Product Review Specialist, and today I want to inspire some newbies to take the leap and become a product review specialist. Surely we hope you’d also consider using our platform, – but this article will inspire you to do it on any medium – so read with an open mind!

How to Become a Product Review Ninja?

What are you waiting for? Start building up your expertise and status as an expert in your product category. We will work with you in the early stages to make sure things are smooth and fast track you to the success you deserve. Invest in building up your credibility and profile, and manufacturers will be begging you to review their product.

1. Good Start In Becoming a Product Review Specialist Freelancer

Many people working the corporate 9-5 dream about working from home on their own terms. Often they tell me they have no idea how to start, where to start on becoming a Product Review Specialist.

Reviewing products is a very low barrier to entry, no capital required way to take the plunge.

And you don’t need to quit you day job – now, or ever (though we hope you want to soon!).

By starting to take product reviews serious, you become an authority around a specific niche and industry. You can “flex your knowledge muscles” about a product category and dominate over time.

You’re already buying and using products anyway – why not make something out of it. While the grind of doing reviews takes discipline, it is a good way to build up a base of expertise and authority in a given niche.

2. Grow Your Experience in a Product Category

Not sure which product category to start with being a Product Review Specialist?

Think about what people are asking you for already!

Hanging out at family gatherings and everyone looks to you for where to find the best camera or gadget?  Friends sending you Facebook messages asking you what product you’re using to get things done. These are signs of you becoming an authority and expert in a product field. 

Take it to the next level – write up a review of those popular products friends are asking you about. Post it up on and send it to those same friends. Over time you will have people finding these reviews online and you are now “scaling” your knowledge. That is, sharing your knowledge and recommendations without you having to manually type email replies and Facebook messenger chats.

Manufacturers will seek you out to review their products, you will get the inside peek of what’s coming down the pipeline. Start building a following and a community in your product category and enjoy the long term benefits.

3. Product Recommendations Can’t Be Done By A Robot (or AI)

Many of us are worried our jobs can be automated by robots – or artificial intelligence (AI). Well, don’t worry about that for product reviews! 

It is about trust, and perspective. 

A robot isn’t able to create a perspective, a creative angle, and think like a human. Even if they are – will humans trust a robot’s recommendation? It is programmed by someone, and there may be bias in their algorithm. A human, a real human being, cannot be replaced for giving trusted advice about a product.

So when you take the leap into product reviews, don’t worry about Product Review Specialist being outsourced or automated – you are a trusted authority as your grow your reach.

4. Product Review Specialist Have Work Flexible Hours

This one is my personal favorite – flexibility! You can “batch” reviews, and then take a break. This means, for example, you take a full day making product reviews and then schedule them to come out every day for the next week or two. People will enjoy these reviews, while you are on holiday. 

On top of the flexibility to batch for Product Review Specialist work – it is also compounding. As you make more reviews, the old reviews are still there online helping people. So as you make more and more reviews – you build out a quality library of trust in the marketplace. 

If you take the time and care in making detailed reviews (highly recommended!) then you will receive more comments and more shares on these reviews. So keep in mind the term “quality over quantity”. Today the world is flooded with low value content and reviews – by having a detailed and comprehensive review, it will pay dividends to you long term.

5. Product Review Specialist Helps People Around The World

And the one we should all keep in mind – being a Product Review Specialist is adding value to the world. It is helping people find the right products in the sea of choices. On top of that, it is rewarding manufacturers who are making quality goods that are needed in the marketplace. 

The cream rises to the top. Let the best consumers (those doing their research!) and the best manufacturers (making quality, in-demand goods) win. By being a product reviewer, you are an integral part in ensuring these 2 parties match up.

Sleep at night thinking you are doing just that! This is real value, not doing data entry in a corporate job generating useless reports. 

Convinced? Let’s Be a Product Review Specialist!

Hope this was the inspiration you needed to join the growing world of product review. Being a trusted advisor, an expert, is the most valuable piece of the value chain. You won’t regret making reviews and adding value to the marketplace. Heck, even if you start – the reviews you have created willl be there to help people for years to come. Can’t say that for many other side gigs! 

Questions. Comments? Concerns. I’d love to hear it in the comment section below.

Let’s do  this, together – sign up to be a Product Review Specialist at Unboxing Reviews today!

Mike S.

Mike S.

Mike is an Ecommerce businessman and primarily a seller on Amazon and Ebay. Knowing and comparing different products are his hobby. So sharing his reviews to everyone help customers decide which product is good.

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