Blog Video – How To Make a Great Product Review

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Blog Video - How To Make a Great Product Review

Vlog is the new frontier for the internet. Not just about product reviews Blog Video, but all forms of content. People prefer it – they say a picture is worth a thousand words – then a video must be worth a million!

Online shoppers are looking for product reviews in video format – and if you want to stay ahead of the back as a top notch product reviewer – you need to keep up with the Joneses! 

Today we’ll give you some tips for product reviews in general, with a twist for the video format.

Before You Start Recording Blog Video – Do Your Research

Don’t jump behind the camera until you understand what you are reviewing and what you are going to say. To get a firm grasp of the product you should check out things like:

  1. Your product manual
  2. The industry as a whole, the competitors on the market
  3. What the target customer is thinking when they are shopping for this product.
  4. Read the current reviews! Get ideas of what problems or questions people have.

Once you are confident in the industry and the product, you can be sure to have a solid product video review.

Blog Video Opening – Introducing Why You’re Doing This Review

Just like any review, it is best to introduce why you’re inspired to leave a Blog Video review. It is a big investment to make this video, and you want to explain to the viewer what was your logic behind creating one. 

We recommend discussing the overall vision for you as a reviewer. Say what you like about this product or industry and the overarching PROBLEM you are trying to solve for the online shopper. What can’t they understand about the product, what keeps them up at night. About what is this product trying to solve in the market – and you are going to ensure it is doing what it says it will.

You’re on the side of the consumer – making their life easier when shopping on the internet.

Try Various Angles in the Content

Are you going to do a talking head? Meaning, is this your face on camera holding and using the product? Or are you camera shy and only going to show your hands opening and using the product?

We recommend trying a mix of both in your video. Open it with your “face” – talking head style – and get the audience to know and trust you.

Then dig into the technical part of using the product. This can be done with a clip on mic and your camera facing the product and your hands. Open up the packaging, show how it was packed, what accessories come inside, and the general overall “quality and feel” of the product.

This is when Blog Video really comes alive! Photos and text can only go so far – by you reviewing the product with video really gives the consumer an amazing perspective.

If you want to go above and beyond, you can also go to a screencast. Maybe there is the company website, the Amazon product page, or other online resources you’d like to explain. Maybe there is some setup required on the company website, some drivers that need to be installed on your computer, etc.

The more, the better! Giving the viewer a 360 perspective of the situation, you, the product being unpackaged and used, and even some screen casting on the laptop will give an amazing experience.

Tips When Recording the Blog Video Clips

This took me some time when recording the Blog Video – I would often stop recording in the middle of a scene and start over. The trick I have learned is to keep going and finish that “take”. When you start doing video, you will feel a bit awkward and nervous – but don’t get in the habit of turning the camera off. You can always delete the whole piece or cut out parts you didn’t like. The point is that you want to get in the habit of finishing it once the recording is on.

Many times when I felt the recorded clip was not helpful, I would look back and be able to use most of it – or at least a certain part of it.

And, if you get brave enough (which, over time you will!) you can add bloopers at the end of the video. We are all “human” and showing some of your mixups of dropping the product during a recording, or saying a stupid word that has no relation to that product – is fun content! 

You could even make a whole video clip of bloopers in the future! You will laugh at yourself about it, and when you’re a top video product reviewer, people will be able to see you made mistakes early on too!

Keep in Mind – Features vs Benefits

There is something we need to keep in mind – many people mix up features and benefits. This is sales 101 stuff, and is important to keep in mind when doing your product review. When you write up your script, you want to think about it as well

Feature = technical. It is like an ability of the product. 10x zoom, Super voice compressor, self standing pedestal, etc.

Benefit = how these features (or the product itself) HELPS the user. It is a lot of times just a re-wording of the feature so that it talks about how it HELPS the user. Some examples based on the above features would be get extra close ups from far away shows (10x zoom), high quality voice with low memory usage, the camera can stand up on its own – no need to get extra add-on accessories. Notice how these are talking about how they will benefit the user, the result they will give?

While features are nice and fancy to list out, and most product manuals use them – I would focus on the benefits. You can also combine them up, list out the feature, and then write out how it is a benefit next to that bullet point.

Technical people like features on your Blog Video.

The majority of consumers like benefits.

Think about who you are targeting, their experience in that market – and determine how detailed you need to get on how these features will benefit them. If you have a more experienced audience on your reviews, you may not need to get so basic on how certain features benefit them.

The key is – think from the perspective of a user, not the product design team at the manufacturer.

Keep The Review Real – Talk about Negative or Drawbacks

No product is perfect. There will always be some counter feature that isn’t as good. Especially if you are comparing 2 products to each other. 

Just Start Making Blog Video! You’ll Improve

There are 2 kinds of people when doing video reviews, or heck, anything in life. Those who wait until it is perfect before doing it, and those who make it happen and improve themselves and the process over time. While no one wants to be laughed at, and we don’t want to promote garbage video content on the internet – you need to just start!

The main point is to be genuine! Think of yourself having a conversation with a friend about the product. Many of us get a kick out of showing our friends our newest gadget – maybe even have them in the background to give you moral support! 

If you look at most bloggers, podcasters, video marketers – they all had pretty….poor quality early content. But they didn’t let that freeze them up- they put it online! They listened to feedback, they studied more online courses and tutorials and improved. 

So I hope you get the courage to get those first few Blog Video reviews online, I promise you, it gets easier over time. And the rewards get that much better too!

Mike S.

Mike S.

Mike is an Ecommerce businessman and primarily a seller on Amazon and Ebay. Knowing and comparing different products are his hobby. So sharing his reviews to everyone help customers decide which product is good.

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