Impress the customer at first glance by creating the perfect unboxing experience. People usually want something to post about so its a great investment for a businessman or woman to consider an eye-catching package. Consider it as extra advertising, which is advantageous to the brand. Here are some of the best practices of unboxing to take note of when creating a great unboxing video:


The most significant element to consider is the main shipping container. Depending on your product, this might be a box, bag, or poly mailer. White and brown corrugated packaging options once ruled as the sole option because they’re cheap, sturdy, and admittedly get the job done, but they may not create the first impression you’re looking for. Get creative and look for design inspirations.

Think outside the box. Literally.

Think of its exterior. Place a brand’s logo in such a way that it stands out. These days, people like a minimalistic and classic feel. Start considering colors and patterns that go well together.

Decorate the interior of the box

Though extra, place a brand’s tagline or create a decorative interior design that reinforces style and a brand’s attention to detail.


An essential part inside the box. Give your customer a “wow” reaction as he or she opens the box. Fillers need not be so expensive. Depending on the product, fillers that can be used are, styrofoam packing peanuts, foam inserts, air pillows, branded tissue paper, Excelsior, crinkle paper or bubble wrap. Popping bubble wrap is enjoyed by most of us but it does not exactly give a premium feel of the merchandise. This gives a fun aesthetic surprise for the customer. Depending on product alternative, cushioning can work well with branding.

Tissue paper

Wrapping your products in tissue paper adds an extra level of excitement by building another layer of anticipation into the unboxing experience. This can also add a lot of brand awareness and position the product to be perceived as expensive. It is advised to use a brand’s colors for this part.

Branded packaging tape

This gives an opportunity for the package to stand out from the rest. Make sure that it is not stressful for the customer to open the packaging adhesive material. Stickers are a useful option as they’re versatile and fairly inexpensive. If you use tissue paper, a branded sticker can also seal the paper together. Or, instead of custom printing on your box, try using stickers as a way to brand your packages on a budget.

Note from the brand owners

Connecting with shoppers through a personal, genuine note or card can make all the difference. Handwritten messages show customers care, and that there are real people powering the brand.

Downside to a custom branded packaging experience can be the associated cost. These expenses include both time and price. Custom boxes and mailers tend to be the most expensive costs involved in creating a custom branded unboxing experience. On top of that, consider that boxes will add more total weight to your shipment. If on a tight budget, think carefully and choose wisely. We hope that you found our best practices of unboxing to be helpful.