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Antizer Flameless Candles Led Lights Review

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Flameless Candles are great at setting the mood during dinner. Also, they are very handy when used for decoration around your house or office. But the main purpose is to lighten up a room and put a good mood. There are a lot of benefits that flameless candles can do. However, the fact that real candles are a fire hazard can be dangerous. This is where Antizer Flameless Candles Led Lights comes in with timer remote control. However, not all candles are the same. In this article, we will provide a review of what sets the features of Antizer Flameless Candles Led Lights.

Why Use Flameless Candles?

If you are thinking what flameless candles are, these are artificial mini lights placed inside a wax to resemble a real candle. LED candles are a simple and safe alternative from real candles. When shopping for the best battery flickering candles that are flameless, make sure to find the battery efficient ones. Cheaper options tend to have hazardous material like plastic. It looks like a teardrop-shaped dome over the bulb. While the illumination from its LED may flicker too poorly. Also, these are easily spotted as fake, especially when the candle is off.


A good brand for flameless candles has an electric flame-shaped LED inside. Some of which are able to twinkle, to simulate a real candle. While some also release a scent to serve as an air freshener in which you pour the oil beneath it. Or they can release special chemicals like insect repellent, which is useful during the summer days. Flameless Candles can either be powered by battery, solar-powered or straight to plug on walls. Some can even be programmed to change its colors automatically. This is with the help of remote control. They can come in a form of like tea lights, pillar candles, and many more variations.

What are the Benefits of Antizer Flameless Candles?

Do not get overwhelmed while picking flameless candles for your house. A wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, and designs may confuse you a little bit. But, only choose the design in accordance with the requirement for the purpose like an event perhaps. Pick the right size and shape to serve your purpose. Choose bigger ones for personal use and smaller ones for occasions. This can give utmost importance to the control features offered by the item. Nowadays remote-controlled flameless candles are popular and in-demand on shopping sites like Amazon. Now let us discuss the benefits of Antizer Flameless Candles.

What are the Benefits of Antizer Flameless Candles

1. Easy to use.

For beginners, Antizer flameless candles are generally a lot easier to manage than flickering candles in the market. You do not need to worry about them getting too hot to handle for longer use. Even your kids can pick up and move these flameless candles without harm.

2. Non-flammable.

On the same point, there is no fire hazard with flameless candles. Because they run on batteries, there is no open flame to burn things around the house. This adds to their safety standard features, instantly heightening them up from others.

3. Healthy wise.

The fact that they do not produce a real flame also leads to another benefit. No flame means there would be no smoke coming out from a long wick. Without it, your lungs are safe. It also provides a good mood which could reduce your stress.

4. Save money.

Flameless candles are also quite affordable because you can reuse them. You can easily buy a pack of real wax candles which are only good for a few uses. While getting artificial candles can be paired up with rechargeable batteries which you can use over time.

5. Not messy.

Wax candles have an issue with melting after use which leaves residues on the surface where you put them. With Antizer flameless candles, these are never going to melt, so you can keep them after use or leave it in place. No more cleaning.

6. Use anywhere.

In addition to the previously mentioned, Antizer flameless candles can be used literally anywhere. These are portable because you do not need to hide them from strong winds. You can even use it even if there is a light rainfall. No one would have thought that water and candles can be a romantic combination.

7. Remote and timers.

Lastly, the benefit of Antizer flameless candles have a timer and remote control. You can set the span when your flameless candle would turn off and on. So you can use them before you sleep if you feel like it. This saves you time and energy to worry about it if you feel like sleeping already.

These are just some of the few reasons why you might want to switch over to Antizer flameless candles. For all of these reasons above, the most important one is that they are safer and easier to use.

What is the Best Battery Flickering Candles?

If you are looking for something more realistic when searching for the best battery flickering candles. Find an alternative or an option that hides the led flame container, deeper inside the candle structure. This adds to the real look since the real candle flames, melt downwards. So, for those who want a closer look like the real thing, Antizer flameless candles can fill in those needs.

What is the Best Battery Flickering Candles

Another factor to consider is the structure of the candle’s body. Most good brands for the power LED flameless candles are made from genuine wax and with irregular shapes. Specifically around the candle’s rim, while it sets to appear as if it has been burning for quite a while. However, if you’ll be placing each candle inside another fixture, it is often done with tea lights or smaller candles. Like what we have mentioned, smaller and bigger candles have different purposes, they make a big difference.

Antizer Flameless Candles Review

So, think about your preferred power source. Most Led lights run on batteries like Antizer Flameless Candles. In this review, we suggest minimizing the hassle associated with changing them. Choose a set that runs on easy to operate power source. You might even opt for rechargeable sets, though these are usually more expensive. Antizer Flameless candles with remote control and timers provide an advantage. It preserves battery life by only using them during the desired period. It is not easy to find a set of 3 like these Antizer flameless candles that are quite convincing.

Antizer Flameless Candles Review

These well-reviewed artificial lights are affordable and suggested online. Frequently included among the top 10 best flameless candles on Amazon and online market. But these three pieces set of candles from Antizer are a good buy for both price and functionality or features. With three different sizes in each set. Every pillar is made from genuine wax with an irregular rim to look like a real candle with the LED lights. On average, the LED bulb has a 50,000 hours lifespan, topped with a moving, flickering flame. Based on customer reviews, their description is that it is “realistically elegant.”. This 3 set even comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the brightness and set on 24-hour automatic timers instructions.

How much is the price of Antizer Flameless Candles on Amazon?

For Antizer Flameless Candles the set of 3, it only cost $29.99 for its price. So, it is just less than 100 US dollars if you are planning to buy 9pcs as others do. The supplier may also provide bulk wholesale pricing if you are going to purchase a lot for organizing an event celebration for example.

How much is the price of Antizer Flameless Candles on Amazon

Features of the Timer Remote Control Artificial Candle

Antizer Flameless Candles are made from real paraffin wax and a flickering LED light to give customers a very realistic lit appearance. It is operated by a battery power source and each candle LED bulb can last up to 6 years and may diminish brightness after then. While it also needs batteries that can produce good lighting even after 450 hours. There are three different sizes of artificial candles with a diameter of 3.25mm which will add enormous elegance to your house as a decoration piece. It is advisable to place them at higher spaces too, as the remote comes with a range of 16 feet away. Unlike other LED candles, with Antizer Flameless Candles, the light refraction outstanding and the flame colors appear to be absolutely real.

Features of the Timer Remote Control Artificial Candle

RC comes with a 10-key remote control for efficient use and control of the light and timer. The remote has a variety of time sets. You can schedule its time in 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 hours of lighting. Because it uses LED light, and at the same time uses a real wax. Since the product can be used almost anywhere without the result of messing your place with drips and accidents caused by open fires. The candles come with three individual packs while for the design which is nature-like and unique. The remote control has several settings options compared to other products.

How to set Antizer Flameless Candles Instructions?

Watch this video below to find out more about the instructions and features of Antizer Flameless Candles. Each candle even looks nicer since the customer or reviewer wrapped the pillars with a designed paper sticker around the body of the candles.

Ratings for Antizer Flameless Candles

We give it in between 4.5 to 5 stars perfect rating. Because the flickering Antizer Flameless Candles are one of our favorite ways to bring a relaxing or romantic ambiance almost anywhere. These 3 sets of Antizer Flameless Candles are the most inexpensive products we found. Also, it even includes a remote control for settings like brightness and timer using just a battery power source. Even the timer has a good feature which can run from 2 up to 8 hours. They are a little smaller in diameter and even lightweight compared to some premium alternatives. But their moving and flickering wick is still incredibly realistic.

Ratings for Antizer Flameless Candles

Tips to consider when buying flameless candles

Flameless candles are not really expensive. However, the decision should be taken with utmost care. All of the available flameless candles in the market cannot provide a candle-like feeling. Don’t Just go with the appealing appearance. The quality of the material, battery life, control features need your attention before getting you an appropriate flameless candle. The right decision can light up your home or office with a relaxing mood.

Tips to consider when buying flameless candles

Summary Review of Antizer Flameless Candles

There are endless ways that you can create using your flameless candles. Depending on how much time and effort you can allot for it. You have tons of options to use them. Here is what you can do, in case you want to go fancy. You can purchase a nice stand and place the Antizer Flameless Candles like a real candle centerpiece. These stands can cradle your lights with designs. Some also come with beautiful beads and tassels that hang off the end.

Summary Review of Antizer Flameless Candles

If you want something simpler, hence beautiful decorations around Antizer Flameless Candles. A nice wreath or flower bouquet goes with it. Also, it’s easy to pull off. Lanterns and chandeliers are great options to use your candles and show them off, as well. Additionally, you can look online to get some inspirations on how to alternately decorate your candles. Various design tutorials can show beautiful ideas in simple ways. Do not be afraid to light them up!

Antizer Flameless Candles Led Lights Review
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